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Go to our Template section and browse through our ready made designs. Once you've found a design that you like, simply email us the category you found it in and the template number.

You will also need to provide us with a good quality image of your logo. If you don't have a logo, we can help you design one for your business (see our customization rates below).
You can make your selection of a website template with one of two levels; basically a design that incorporates movement or sound, or a template made up of images and pictures.

Level 1 - $300
Includes all templates that do not include any flash elements.

Level 2 - $500
Any template that does include a flash element.

Both levels include logo placement in your website and standard menu selections. Any custom designing or programming will be charged as indicated in our "Customizing Your Website" section below. We will discuss this with you before performing any work.
Please select from one of our hosting options below. Hosting will be billed upfront for one complete year.

$9.95/month - Brochure Website
This option does not allow you to manage or update your website yourself. This would be suitable for those businesses that have infrequent updates to their website and allows up to 20MB of data and graphics. Should you choose this hosting option, you will be billed on an hourly basis as indicated below in our custom pricing for both entering your original data as well as any future updates you may have.

This is a minimum 2 year contract; however, we will bill for only one year at a time. After the 2 years have completed, you will be on a year to year contract.

$29.95/month - You Edit with up to 50MB of web space
This package comes with the complete ability to create, maintain and fully control the content of your website. This option gives you a limit of 50MB of web space, which will accomodate most normal websites. It is a 1 year contract.

$49.95/month - You Edit with up to 200MB of web space
This package also comes with the ability to completely control your site. This option gives you a limit of 200MB of web space, which would be needed for storefronts or photo and document intensive sites. It is a 1 year contract.

Please contact us if you require more space.

All accounts will be billed on an annual basis.
If you have not yet secured your domain name (www.yourname.com), we can assist you with that process.

There will be a $100 charge for reserving and setting up your domain name and email addresses. An annual charge of $100 thereafter for maintaining the status of your domain and email forwarding.

If you already have a domain name and are able to direct your site to our hosting servers, you do not need to choose this option. Please keep in mind you will be responsible for keeping your domain name current.
No matter which level of template design you have chosen, all designs are "as shown", with the exception of adding your logo and basic menu options (which are, of course, editiable for whatever you wish them to be). However, if you wish to modify certain graphics, color or functionality of your chosen website, we can accomodate you. Just let us know that you'd like to make modifications, and we can arrange to meet with you to discuss those options.

Customization charges:


- design layout and color modification (1-2 hours typical)
- modifying flash graphics (including sound) (3-4 hours typical)
- inputting or changing your website content (depend on amount of content)


- custom database creation or database integration
- storefronts and credit card integration
- specialized forms
- these and other custom programming will be quoted as requested
If you already have a current website design that you have either recently completed or if you are happy with, but wish to have the ability to have complete control over your content, we can convert your site to the ISIWebs system.

Please contact us for a quote.
Rest assured that we are here to help you work with our product. Should you have any question or problems with our system, you will be given contact numbers and emails to use so we can lend a helping hand. We'll do our best to ensure that you have a professional presence on the world wide web.

If you look good...so do we!
ISIWebs can add some added features and functionality to your website with our sister products, developed and supported by us.

Please feel free to contact us about this option and how it might be integrated into your site.

Need to take money, want to sell some items. Let us help you set up an account with Paypal or a variety of other online transaction services. We'll make it work for you.

Client Surveys
Want to know what your clients think of your service or product ? Need to evaluate your employees for job reviews? Want to take a poll to help determine what new product or service might benefit your target market or which advertising method is working for you? Visit Client Surveys today.

Discounts apply for ISIWeb clients.

Contact us for a quote and to find out how to integrate this service into your website.


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